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When it rains, it pours. And when it pours in Florida, it’s probably a hurricane. High winds and storm debris damage are all too common to us Floridians, which is why we opt in for that vital insurance to cover wind or hail damage. Unfortunately, it’s a common practice for insurance companies to bring on inexperienced staff to handle the volume of incoming claims after a hurricane or tropical storm goes through, which often results in deficiencies and even denials on your claim.
Hunter Claims is here to make sure your insurance settlements are always treated with the importance and attention they’re due. Our experienced public adjusters ensure you receive the largest wind- or hail-damage insurance claim settlement possible without delay.

Tips For Submitting Wind- or Hail-Damage Insurance Claims

Insurance is confusing, especially when you live in Florida and there’s no easy to know if a claim should be for hurricane damage, wind damage, water damage, etc. Between the unfamiliar jargon, the unclear obligations and the vague answers from your agent, it can be extremely frustrating. Follow these tips to keep your claim on-track if you’re not quite ready to hire a public adjuster:

  • Make sure to file the correct insurance claim type — a water-damage claim, hail-damage claim or a flood-damage claim are very different.
  • Ask for a digital or physical copy of your insurance policy from your agent - make sure it’s certified!
  • Follow any post-loss duties and obligations that are outlined in your policy. Neglecting any of these items may jeopardize payment of your claim.
  • Do not allow a restoration or removal company take your property until you have met with your insurance provider’s adjuster.
  • Keep a list of all times/dates you communicated with your insurance company and how.
  • Obtain quote estimates from third-party vendors and companies to check against your insurance company.
  • Demand a written explanation from your insurance provider if your wind or hail damage claim is not settled within 45 days.

What To Expect When You Submit Your Claim

A blown-off or collapsed roof or even a broken window or wall are obvious signs of wind and storm damage. However, there are many other types of property damage that you might claim that your insurance provider will often undervalue due to hidden or hard-to-identify effects. If the physical damage isn’t bad enough, the high volume of claims right after a storm can lead to significant oversights by insurance adjusters who are rushing to settle and close claims.
Here are a list of questions to consider to determine if you got the most fair assessment and settlement from your insurance adjuster:

  • Did your insurance adjuster get on top of your roof?
  • Did the adjuster use a moisture meter or a thermal camera to detect the presence of moisture inside your building’s walls or roof?
  • Did the adjuster photograph the entire perimeter of the property and building as well as all of the interior fixtures and contents?
  • Did your adjuster follow-up after the initial assessment with detailed results and additional information?

Our wind-damage and hail-damage public insurance adjusters apply the latest diagnostic technology to ensure you get the most fair and straightforward settlement for your claim. The fully comprehensive claim package that we send to your insurance provider on your behalf enables us to show them what they owe you, rather than allowing them to provide you with an undervalued offer or even to deny your claim.

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