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Being a victim of theft or vandalism can bring a lot of different emotions to the surface, especially anger. Not only do you want justice, but you really just want your property back (or back to the way it was). Hunter Claims’ public adjusters are here to make the process of submitting an insurance claim simpler and easier for you.

Questions You Need To Answer

Insurance companies are often (and unsurprisingly) unwilling to provide claimants with a satisfactory settlement. You can expect them to ask you a lot of questions to ensure your claim fits without the borders of their policies in order to justify a settlement. Typical questions that are asked include:

  • Did a theft/vandalism actually occur?
  • Did the policyholder actually own or possess the item(s) being claimed stolen, and, if so, can proof be provided?
  • What is the value of the item(s) being claimed?
  • Was there any related property damage, such as broken windows, doors, locks or equipment related to the theft or vandalism?

What Documentation Will You Need?

While it can certainly be frustrating, Hunter Claims can help to make the process easier and even negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to help mitigate your frustrations. Most of the questions the insurance providers will ask can be substantiated with an official police report that includes the documentation of the actual theft or vandalism event.
Always submit a police report if you’ve been the victim of a theft or vandalism and ask for an official copy of the report. During the report, always include as concise and detailed a list of items stolen/vandalized as possible. If you discover after the report that additional items were also stolen or vandalized, update the police report and tell the insurance company you have filed a supplemental police report.
Fortunately, there are many different kinds of documentation or proof that an insurance company will accept in order to prove ownership and substantiate the property’s value, including (but not limited to) video, pictures, receipts, credit card statements, appraisals, insurance policy endorsements and more. Always provide as much proof or documentation as possible to your insurance company.

What If You Have No Documentation?

If you have no title or ownership documentation or other kind of proof to provide to your insurance company, most insurance companies will invoke their right to an examination of the insured under oath also called EUO. In addition to EUOs, the insurance company may also request financial documentation from the claimant in order to establish a basis of ownership. In some cases, tax returns and support showing a person had the income and lifestyle for the items they claimed were stolen may also be requested.
Additionally, a detailed review and evaluation of the insurance policy must be completed to ensure ownership and measurement of loss. While most policies contain limits or exclusions for a certain scope of items related to the theft/vandalism, in many cases, certain items must be scheduled in a policy in order for coverage or higher limits to apply, often through what is called an inland marine floater insurance policy. Third-party appraisals are also required to schedule items, and a limit will be set as to the maximum amount you will be paid in the event of a theft.
If this all sounds confusing and complicated, that’s because it is. Don’t get stuck in a bad place with your insurance company’s insurance adjuster when they start throwing complex jargon at you in an effort to overwhelm you. Call us today to get started with our public adjusters that will work to get you the settlement you’re due.

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