Get Help with your Fire or Smoke Damage Claim from Experienced Public Adjusters

Submitting a fire- or smoke-damage insurance claim can be confusing and frustrating because of all the options, jargon and decisions. Hunter Claims’ public adjusters are here to make the process simpler and easier for you. We ensure you’re getting the most money in your claim settlement as you can and that process moves along in a timely fashion so you can rebuild.
Our public adjusters and property damage appraisers are experienced with the fire insurance claims process and know the best and fastest way to get to your settlement. Don’t let your insurance company drag you along for months and pay you less than you’re due. We’ll give you a breath of fresh air.

Tips For Submitting Fire- or Smoke-Damage Insurance Claims

Did you know that insurance companies sometimes use tactics to delay your settlement or push for additional investigation in order to justify denial or a lower settlement for your claim? follow these tips to keep your claim on-track if you’re not quite ready to hire a public adjuster to help with your claim:

  • Ask for a digital or physical copy of your insurance policy from your agent - make sure it’s certified!
  • Request a fire report from the Fire Marshal.
  • List out all your personal property that was damaged, including the age of each item, as well as cost, color, brand, quantity, etc.
  • Do not allow a restoration or removal company take your property until you have met with your insurance provider’s adjuster.
  • Obtain quote estimates from third-party vendors and companies to check against your insurance company.
  • Keep a list of all times/dates you communicated with your insurance company and how.
  • Demand a written explanation from your insurance provider if your hurricane claim is not settled within 60 days.
  • Read over your policy for additional hidden benefits. Ex: in many total-loss scenarios, a potential 35% extra coverage above the policy limit may be available.
  • Take it slow. Insurance providers and “recovery” companies will pressure you to make decisions quickly. Never jump into a decision before getting all the information.

What Happens When You Submit A Fire- or Smoke-Damage Insurance Claim

It’s an unfortunate reality that victims of fire are often taken advantage of by insurance companies because they know you’re desperate. There is often a large difference between what the insurance company’s claim adjuster offers you as a settlement and what you should be paid contractually per your policy’s provisions and a comprehensive estimation of damages. Hunter Claims’ adjusters ensure that the decisions about your home and possessions are made by you, not your insurance provider’s adjuster.
Our trusted and experienced public adjusters understand insurance policies and are dedicated to negotiating the largest possible fire claim settlement, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Don’t get caught up with common mistakes that result in major complications and delays that can mean claim denials or smaller settlements that you’re due. Focus on rebuilding your life and leave the rest to us.

When Should You Get Help With Your Claim?

You should reach out to a public adjuster as soon as you’re ready to submit a claim for the damages to your property. Hunter Claims can help you at any step of the process, but if you encounter any of the following situations, consult with us ASAP to ensure you’re taken care of:

  • If you receive a Reservation of Rights letter
  • If you are demanded by your insurance provider to participate in an Examination Under Oath (EUO)
  • If your insurance provider asks you to fill out or sign a Proof of Loss form
  • If you receive a letter stating that your fire claim has been ruled suspicious or is under investigation

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